Frequently Asked Questions

Our fees are low and competitive and we equip our affiliates with a platform which has a broader sense of application in the marketplace.

Please click the link for full pricing scheme:

The final price of the package is determined by following factors:

  • Price set by the Affiliate:

    Package Rate: Price decided by the affiliate based upon the market value and profit margin the affiliate would like to set. Affiliate can set the price as per person.

  • Costs determined by Personal Travels processing fee and payment processing fee:

    Personal Travels charges a processing fee for using Personal Travels platform and marketplace .

    A payment processing fee of payment gateway also adds to the price.

  • Taxes :

    Value Added Tax (VAT): VAT is tax charged to customers in countries like EU, Norway, Iceland, Japan (JCT), India (GST), Australia (GST)

    Local taxes - Local taxes can be applied to packages depending upon the location of the packages.

No, Personal Travels does not charge processing fee for Volunteer Packages. Just the payment processing fee will be added.

After the sell of your package, you can view the amount in the wallet section of your dashboard. The amount can be withdrawn at any time and your funds will be transferred in 2-3 working days .

Personal Travels will transfer fund into your paypal address or through stripe.

When there is a large firsttime payout, our payment partner stripe will take time to verify your identity which might take upto few weeks. So we suggest you to plan accordingly.

Below are the fundamental steps of how Personal Travels work for you;

  • Create a Travel or a Non-Travel package:

    You can signup as an affiliate and start creating beautiful packages with nice pictures, vastly available contents from our third party partners or self prepared deals. We have designed a widely applicable form with which you can create events, travel itineraries in full, accommodation deals, food experience at the best local restaurant or bar, voluntary packages, unique experiences like yoga retreats, adventure trips and many more. You can also use our platform to plan and create a group trip or event for your friends or colleagues which can help you cut the hassles of all the usual process of organising .

  • Share ,Promote and Sell:

    You can share your page link with your audience through different social media and users will be able to book and pay for the package through Personal Travels platform. We will be promoting and advertising your packages through our advertising channels too.

  • Manage Packages

    You can edit your packages, accept or reject the booking requests, withdraw funds, communicate with your guests through the dashboard in your account.

    We help you throughout to be an expert .For any issues or confusion you can obviously send us a quick email at

Any individuals above 18 years of age or any travel related entities,non travel entities who can provide experiences or any entities that can complement travel can list on Personal Travels. Our platform caters wide range of travel and non travel categories be it family vacation, business travel, adventures,group outings, local experiences and retreats.

For approval of listings, we recommend to read and follow our terms. We also request affiliates to download and read the Affiliate instructions .

Some recommendation while creating the packages ;

We recommend to upload a high resolution banner picture or cover photo. Beautiful and clear pictures attracts attention of the visitors and hence more bookings

Affiliates cannot create packages with same names and the packages should not contain same contents.

We recommend affiliates to mention the things that are included and not included clearly while creating the package in order to avoid disputes with customers

We urge our affiliates to respect and follow our terms.Failing to comply to our terms will lead to the termination of affiliates’ accounts.

You can set your price as per your evaluation and change it anytime but however we would recommend you to consider points below before you decide your price.

While considering a price for your package, you should also consider the market value or price trend of the particular kind of service in the particular area. We would suggest to do a market research if required.

You can be more competitive if you could bargain and strike a better personal deal with your local service provider in case you are also including some third party services in the package you created eg. bike rents, food at your local restaurant.

While considering a price you can also take into account the time you spent while creating the package and any other materials or service cost needed to prepare and deliver the package.

Initially you can start from low price with lower profit margin and once the selling rate increases ,you can up the price but remember your price should match the value of the services your provide.

The price you see before you select and go to payment section is the price set by the host without the addition of payment processing fee, V.A.T or taxes if applicable. The final price you pay will consist of payment processing fee set by the payment gateway and VAT ,taxes where applicable

When you like a package or listing which are not based upon third party websites,you can send a booking request by clicking on send booking request. The affiliate after receiving your request will reply you either by accepting or rejecting your request.The payment processing can be completed only after the host accepts your booking request.

Only in the case of the packages based upon third party websites are allowed to book directly without having to send a request for booking.

If your request is accepted, you’ll be charged in full for the reservation. If the host declines the request or doesn’t respond within 24 hours, no charge is made and you can try booking those dates with someone else.

Affiliates should accept or reject the booking request within 24 hours. You will get notified through email about the status of your request.Generally affiliates respond to your request within 2 hours period.

We expect all the packages that are listed are available and ready to sell from the affiliates. If there are any changes, we urge our affiliates to update the information and about its availability frequently. However, you can also check the availability by clicking the booking request button.After you send the booking request, the affiliate can respond by accepting or rejecting your request with a message depending upon the availability and other factors.

For the packages based on third party websites(,get your guide), you can view the availability before booking the package.

You can find the cancellation policy set by affiliate in the cancellation policy section of the package page.The fees applicable due to cancellation can be found in detail by clicking here Booking and Payment policies .

In the case of packages based on third party websites, you have to refer to the cancellation policy of the specific third party website (, getyourguide) which has been included in the package.

You can contact the affiliate after your booking has been confirmed. You will receive the email address and contact number of the affiliate through which you can communicate with the affiliate.

You can also leave feedback for the affiliate after the trip or experience.

All the requirements are listed on the package. We urge guests or customers to carefully read the necessary requirements to be fulfilled by guest before booking the package.

If your reservation request is declined by the host or expires, meaning the host didn’t respond within 24 hours, no charge is made for the reservation and you’re free to book with another host.

We urge our hosts to keep their calendars up to date and respond to requests in a timely manner. But, sometimes situations come up that prevent this from happening.

We recommend messaging several hosts before submitting a reservation request to ask about their availability and ask any other questions you hav

Temporary authorizations

Your payment method may be temporarily authorized for a charge when you request a reservation, but this authorisation is voided and released back to the payment method if your request is declined or expires. We complete a charge only when a reservation request is confirmed.

No there isn’t the possibility of paying the total amount by splitting into different payment method. You are required to pay the total amount of the package with single payment method.

In Order to maintain trust between affiliate and customers, we have set the requirement that the package should be booked by one of the persons who is going to experience the package. You cannot book a package for somebody else using your account if you are excluding yourself from the reservation. However you can book additional space for somebody else along with you.Some of the packages may have the requirement to send the ID copy of each guest before arrival.

Instead of booking for somebody else, we encourage you to send invitation link to the person so that you could earn credit points which can be used for your future bookings.

You can modify or cancel your reservation by contacting us or the affiliate of the package you booked via email .

Regarding the bookings of the packages based upon third party websites (, getyourguide), you need to visit the website with your booking reference or call directly to the corresponding customer care for any modifications or cancellation.

Note: Please read the cancellation policies before proceeding for cancellation.

If an affiliate cancels your booked reservation, you will be refunded in full amount and we will immediately reach out to you with the option of rebookings. We have strict rules in place to penalise the affiliate who cancels the reservation without any genuine reasons.

Regarding bookings based upon third party affiliates, you need to contact the third party websites directly for any cancellations done by the affiliates.

Personal Travels recommends that you take a travel insurance that will cover emergency situation, cancellation and other unforeseen conditions while travelling.

Yes you need to present your booking confirmation code at the relevant places as an evidence of booking and payment.